External Wall Insulation Installers

PropertyFurb are a specialist and approved External Wall Insulation Installer covering all of Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and all UK locations. We use world leading products from companies such as Sto, this enables us to transform properties to amazing standards.

If you are new to external wall insulation you can view a recent live case study understanding external wall insulation or read the benefits to external wall insulation on these links.

The photos on this page are of a property we are about to start installing EWI on in Portstewart, Northern Ireland this July. This is a well known spot, when finished this house will be one of the nicest properties on the North Coast!

As the project starts we will create a case study showing the detailed installation process for external wall insulation and place its link here.

This property is finished with facing brick. A question often asked is do you need to remove existing finishes before adding EWI? Such as dashed render, sand / cement plaster etc.

The simple answer is no, however we need to check the walls to ensure they are sound. Any areas not sound would get fixed and patched prior.

On this project the brick work is in excellent condition and we are able to commence the external wall insulation installation process.

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EWI System we will install

The system we will use on this project is from market leading manufacturers sto. From start to finish (weather permitting) we should have this project completed in around 3 weeks.

  • The insulation will be applied directly to the external brick work with specialist fixings & adhesive.
  • Reinforced mesh render coats.
  • Finished in a low maintenance acrylic or silicone based render.

When complete the property will be highly insulated and the finish render is through colour, reducing future maintenance.

If you would like to see if your property is suited for the installation of an external wall insulation system get in touch and we will be happy to give free advice.